Divorce Coaching

As a family law lawyer, I am not always able to spend the time discussing with my clients all the things that I wish I could. Some of those things are:

  1. Planning your life during and post-divorce:
  • Identifying current goals: (in areas of mental health, physical health, financial stability, social connections)
  • Identifying interests and turning them into goals
  • Day-to-day goals; short-term goals; long-term goals
  1. Gathering an ‘entourage’ to help you through the journey. An entourage may include:
  • Lawyer
  • Financial advisor/Investment advisor
  • Coach (life/divorce/parenting/fitness/career)
  • Therapist
  • Real estate professional
  • Friends and supportive family
  • Dating advisor
  • Beauty advisor / Image Consultant
  1. Finding ways to realize your goals, and stay sane. Some of those ways may be:
  • Developing a positive internal voice
  • Figuring out the kind of boundaries you need then setting them
  • Learning to meditate
  • Managing sleep and rest
  • Gathering the courage to initiate connections

With my lawyer hat on, I don’t have the luxury to discuss the above things that may be just as important as your legal entitlements. That is why I decided to start a discrete coaching service.

As an experienced family law lawyer who is always mindful of relationships and mental / emotional well-being of my clients, I have a lot to offer as a coach.

I also went through my own divorce after a long-term marriage (that ended in infidelity) and survived the emotional turbulence of those years. While I was riding the emotional roller coaster, I tried to find a divorce coach but wasn’t able to find someone who can offer the kind of advice and support I (now) can. I made do with a life coach and a therapist who were amazing at the time, but in retrospect I now know for certain – that a divorce brings its own unique level of pain, loneliness and a sense of lack of control.  I am a coach that knows how to target those areas and can help you in ways that you can’t possibly imagine yet.

For a consultation: please email me with subject line: Divorce Coach