Wills & Estates

We can discuss your needs related to probate, probate fees and provide advice on estate planning. We will assist you in drafting your will and connect you with tax and planning experts if required.

Powers of Attorney

You may want to prepare powers of attorney to appoint a substitute decision maker to act on your behalf. You may also want to prepare for a time of temporary or permanent incapacity due to illness, or require someone to act on your behalf during an absence. Powers of attorney can be: short-term powers of attorney, continuing powers of attorney for property and powers of attorney for personal care (a “living Will”).

Probate and Estate Administration

If you have been appointed as an executor of a will or there has been a death without a will, we can assist with all aspects of filing court applications, determining the value of an estate for probate purposes and handling all aspects of estate administration and distribution.

Contested Estates

If you require assistance with estate litigation, negotiation or mediation of estate related issues, we can take care of your needs during this difficult time.